HomoFileHomo File is a daisy chain of astonishing encounters with stars and studs –chronicling the sexy pre-Stonewall life of Samuel Steward (1909-1993). Pioneering homoerotic author, Steward was a mentor to Ed Hardy, official tattoo artist for the Hells Angels, and the biggest sexual outlaw to ever teach at a Catholic university.



“ [A] multi-media and cross-disciplinary show [Homo File] sports a formidable narrative arc.”


“An epic saga about a larger than life character — lover of Rudolph Valentino, protégé of Gertude Stein, a university professor who became the official tattoo artist for the Hell’s Angels, a voracious sexual dynamo, researcher for Alfred Kinsey and writer of erotica under the nom de plume Phil Andros.”

– Mary Ellen Hunt,  San Francisco Chronicle

An “extravaganza. . .  the only theatrical form worthy of the life of Samuel Steward.”

Richard Dodds,  The Bay Area Reporter

“Part historical chronicle, part spectacle, Homo File explores the many facets of a man who lived more vigorously than the rest.”

SF Weekly

“Homo File is a must see theatrical event. One of the best local based performances I have seen in years.”

– Audience Member


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